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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 6, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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baffling the community. >> fleet week, and the giants, some of the activ
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>> ama: a six-year-old girl is killed in a church parking lot and two others, including the little girl's mother, are injured. it happened just before 9:00 this morning at st. andrews catholic church on southgate avenue in daly city. we're live tonight at san francisco general hospital where the victims were taken. tomas? reporter: the six-year-old girl died here at san francisco general hospital after being brought here by paramedics. the two other adult female victims are hospitalized here and the police are not releasing names of victims out of respect for the families. >> the little girl died. oh, my god.
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>> he just learned a six-year-old girl was hit by a minimum minimum -- minivan tied. it happened as children were leaving a religion class. >> two mothers were victims. they were lying dish saw them lying one on the grass and one on the pavement, and then the -- i saw the seven-year-old kid, she was in shock. >> the last time he saw she child, she was breathing. she died here at san francisco general hospital, where the other two female victims were brought. one of the women is the mother of the six-year-old. what brought the tragedy closer to the reyes family is their child knew the little girl. >> the girl under the van, it was my son's classmate. reporter: paisher ins were shocked and saddened be the accident.
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the female driver of the minivan mistook the accelerator for the brake pad and struck the victims. there were prayers at the afternoon mass. >> they all went to catechism here. very sad. the whole family is involved. everybody involved. >> the driver was still on scene when the officers arrived and has not been arrested. reporter: police have not released the conditions of the two female victims except to say they're in their 40s and the gent is still under investigation. >> ama: tonight a candlelight vigil as family, friends and neighbors remember a hercules woman who was found murdered in her home last night. family members individual the victim out suzie ko. she was found by neighbors in the intrearp of the house. her husband claims the murder entered the house through the unlocked sliding glass door.
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>> my wife feel safe to work on the yard, you know, even at night. good neighbors here. something like this happen is extraordinary. i don't understand why people have no regard for human life. this is terrible. >> ama: the family vehicle was stolen. police are looking for a 2011 sky blu siewb subaru outback with idaho license polites. >> tonight police are trying to find a man who attempted to run down an officer. he was trying to break into a car, and then got in another car and tried to run the officer around. the suspect got away. lincoln boulevard is still closed. an antipolice, anticapitalism march in san francisco today ended with violence and arrests. it ended in the district. police called it anunlicensed march and arrested people who
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refused leave the area. protesters smashed windows at starbucks and threw bags of paint. a woman called the police, a cog in the machine. >> what they do to me? they support the state. work on behalf of the banks and corporations and don't serve the people. >> 22 people were arrest. a search of backpacks uncovered ice picks, cameras, and bags filled with paint and rocks. one driver had his tires slashed. >> earlier san francisco police officer was slightly injured during a live but mostly peaceful antiwar protest downtown, at demonstrators marched the officer was cut by falling broken glass witnesses say someone accidentally broke the glass trying to shut a window. tomorrow is the never of nato involvement in afghanistan. the longest armed conflict in u.s. history. >> some scary moments in san mateo when 15 homes were evacuate after three suspicious devices were found in a park.
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they were bottled filled with a clear liquid and had metal foil around them. police determined the bottles were consistent with homemade explosive devices. rebat help disable the bottles and the park was re-opened. now for a check ton the weather, there's a loot going on this weekend, and leigh glaser is here with what we can expect tomorrow. >> leigh: let's look at live doppler 7hd quickly because we are seeing a few of those low clouds starting to move in across parts of the bay area. you can see them right near the marin headlands, heading towards the golden gate bridge. the good news is that most of this will spill in tonight and then back off the coast by tomorrow. speaking of a lot going on, hardly strictly blue grass, golden gate park, 1:00, temperatures near 60, and then cool down, clouds, and wind, by 7:00, temperatures into the 50s. near the waterfront we have the
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blue angels, the parade of ships tomorrow. most of the activity starts at 1:00. the blue angels fly at 3:00, and it will be terrific viewing with mainly clear skies. temperatures by 4:00 in the low 60s. at candle stick park it is very buffalo bills and the san francisco 49ers. kickoff 1:25, and looks like temperature with fairly clear skies, low 60s. and giants play again tomorrow, 6:30, clouds and temperatures near 60. we'll talk about chance of sprinkles coming in, a little bit later. >> ama: the weather conditions were perfect for all the events on san francisco's waterfront. fleet week, blue angels, america's cup and the giants, sergio quintana was out with the crowds and has more. >> the fireworks is part of fleet week, and the orange lights honor the giants' playoff
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game this dazzling display capped off a saturday in san francisco that was packed with thing0s do. >> lots to do here today. reporter: baseball fans crammed into at&t park to watch the giants make another run for the world series. >> i'm so excited, can't begin to tell you. reporter: fans got pictures of the blue angels. >> the extra bonus is to have the blue angels and fleet week going on at the same time. amazing. reporter: thousands of people collected on the embarcadero and most paid attention to warnings about traffic. many took public transportation instead. >> today we thought the traffic would be too much, so we took the train. reporter: the blue angels over the city commanded everyone's attention. >> pretty much the loudest thing out there. so the best thing to watch. reporter: in the water, these speed demons made for spectacular viewing. >> stand by!
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reporter: the semifinals of the america's cup sailing races added occupy to be what turned out to be a day-long event on the water. tours aboard one ship continues, and this amphibious assault ship turned into a bit of a jungle gym. >> the helicopters and all that, really fun. >> ama: a ton of fun. now, at another one of the many events in san francisco this weekend. thousands of music lovers packed golden gate park for day two of the hardly strictly blue grass festival. ♪ >> ama: the festival has four individual music stages, so nosf options, sunday will feet fire dwight yoakam and emmy lieu --
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lou harris. other. here's a look at golden gate bridge. traffic is moving smooth limit tomorrow it will be's 'er in addition to fleet week, america's cup and other activities, there's also the italian heritage parade, the castro treat fair and the 49ers game. officials recommend you use public transportation but if you have to drive, we have a map to help you avoid the traffic hot spots. still to come at 11:00. it's a record no driver wants to hear. gas prices hit a never-before-season-high in california and prices could go higher. >> a night off for row maintenance for president obama as mitt romney in one of the battlegrounds states. at 11:30, the new technology that lets you print in 3-d. how you can
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>> ama: this probably isn't worth celebrate but it was an historic day at the gas pumps. prices in california hit an all-time high. the average is 4.61 a gallon. that beats the 2008 record by less than a tenth of a penny. in san francisco a gallon of regular is 4 .68. 4.63 in san jose and oak leafnlt prices are still affected by the chevron rye finery fire. the unanimous average is 3.81 a gal. one woman is cutting her work hours. >> i have to fill up two or three times a week, so in order to make it balance i go in less
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hours, cut out days and that cuts down on my gas. >> ama: and gas prices are likely to increase over the next few days. with the election just a month away irit was rather low key day on the campaign attachment while president obama celebrate his wedding anniversary with the first lady, his republiccage challenger, mitt romney, courted voters in the sunshine state. >> mitt romney had the campaign trail all to himself today. the republican contender stumped for votes in the critical state of florida. >> i'm counting on florida to win this for me on november 6th so we can take back this country, get it strong again. >> giving the president's lead in battlegrounds state polling, florida has turned into a must-win for the campaign. ann romney expressed confidence. >> we are going to win florida. >> mrs. romney stopped by a campaign office in orlando and surprised the volunteers with pizza and a pep talk. >> we appreciate all the work you're doing, all the help you're giving us.
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>> otherwise it was a quiet day on the campaign trail. the obama campaign reported that it raised a whopping $181 million in september, combined with the republican party. more now that any presidential campaign has race. the romney campaign has not released its september tallies. president obama took the day off. he and the first lady are celebrating their 20th 20th anniversary today. the marital milestone fell on wednesday-october 3rd. the president was preoccupied. >> i just want to wish, sweety, you happy anniversary, and letout know a year from now we will not be celebrating in front of 40 million people. >> yesterday it was the runningg mate -- running mates. >> you have policy wonk in paul ryan, and joe biden, everyone's uncle. >> ama: president obama will be in the bay area next week for another fundraiser, taking part
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in a concert and rally monday at san francisco's bill graham auditorium. tickets start at $100 and go as high as $5,700. >> cal berkeley used tonight's homecoming football game to rededicate memorial stadium. ♪ >> since 1923 the stadium had been dedicated to all californiaons who died in world war 124e678 stadium recently re-opened after a $321 million renovation and is now dedicated to all californians who subray identifiesed their lives in service to the nags. leigh glaser has a look at the forecast. >> leigh: i'm so confused. what am i doing tomorrow. giants, 49ers. we're starting to see a little low cloudiness, fog near the coast, but the live shot here from our mt. tam cam showing you
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clear sky towards the bay, and the background, san francisco. let's get to live doppler 7hd. these are high and mid-level clouds near the coast, starting to push in. the low clouds will filter in later this evening as well, and we're also looking for pockets of dense fog near the coast, and possibly in the north bay valley areas by tomorrow morning. terrific day today. highs range from 75 in fairfield, and antioch, 74, accept rose sample san rafael, your high was 73. 68 in san francisco. half moon bay, plenty of sunshine, up to 69 degrees, and we had 71 today. plenty of sunshine. san jose. current temperatures, 50s. 57, san francisco. we have 60 in antioch. here's a look at our forecast for you as we take you in through at least the next few days. low clouds and fog overnight. high clouds and sunshine for your sunday afternoon, and then a chance of a few showers
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possible as we head into monday and tuesday. we start off early tomorrow morning. you'll notice the low cloud filtering in overnight. this is tomorrow morning. some of this has moved into the east bay and north bay valley areas-but it should burn back to just the coast by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. of course that's when the then -- the sounds of the angels will be overhead, and this will move back inland over night. this cutoff low is sitting to the west of us. it will remain there for our sunday. so, we'll look for some high clouds and sunshine tomorrow. it will be mild. temperatures 70s and even 60s. let me show you what's going to happen. as we head into sunday night and monday, cutoff low, counterclockwise spin, going to edge towards the south and get a little closer to us. 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, some
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moisture could start to move towards the bay area, mainly the higher elevations and south of san jose, and wednesday, the trajectory will push this low into southern california, and as it pulls away from the bay area, our chances of seeing any moisture will start to decrease on wednesday and thursday. but maybe a few sprinkles. tomorrow, 75, ant -- antioch. gilroy, 76. the accuweather seven-day forecast. look for thickening clouds on monday and tuesday, slight chance of showers. and then brighten the sky up wednesday, this, friday, warm things up as well just in time for next weekend. it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc-7. these people are taking the chance. jeany from burlingame, merle,
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and steve from martinez, entered through our facebook page. the winner will be announced after the 49ers game here on abc-7 on october 18th, and you can enter, too. go to face news and click the win $49,000 button for all the details. good luck to you. mike shumann is here. as and the afternoons on the field. >> mike: didn't fare well. matt cane on the hill for the
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>> mike: giants hosting the redds. matt cain on the hill. got to feel good about your chances out at&t park. and giants fans were pumped up and ready to go jonny cueto had back spasms, hurt himself during warmups. you can see the frustration on his face as he walked off the field. almost in tears. his replacement. was solid. 1-2/3 innings, struck out buster
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posey. red broke a scoreless tie in the third. it's gone. two-run shot. you do the math. 2-0 red. gets worse. in the fourth, jay bruce goes deep. cain north what we're using -- used to with matt. giants get on the board in the sixth. buster posey, see ya. 3-1 reds. fast forward. posey representing the tying run bought struck out. red take game one 5-2, game two tomorrow at 6:30. >> obviously we didn't expect it, but we faced both those guys and expected to face both of them. so it's not like latos wasn't going to pitch later in the series anyway. >> a rel big game. we got to get back out there and get after it. >> mike: the amazing a's hit a
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speed bump in detroit. the a's could not handle the tigers' ace. capacity crowd at comerica park watching justin verlander. coco crisp has been hot. lead off with a homer to right. first in the post season. and in a flash verlander settled down. cliff pennington, one of his 11 strikeout victims. to the third. big play. a little tapper. parker tries to glove toss it. backfires, infante scores. bottom five, parker leaves a fast ball up. avila makes him pay. solo shot. 3-detroit. parker, six innings, five strikeouts, detroit wins 3-1, and lead the series. game two, 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> most good starters you try to get to them before they get into their rhythm. he certainly had -- got better as the game went along. velocity picked up like it does with him. but a lot of times your best
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opportunity is early in the game. >> mike: we'll take a brief time-out before we talk college football. stanford and arizona with a wild shootout, and cal puts the
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>> mike: homecoming weekend in college football. standard -- standard -- stanford on top, 34-33. arizona up seven. trying to pull away. scott to miller. ten-yard strike. stanford drives down. fourth and eight. nunes find ertz out of mont vista. the none -- none yes takes it in himself.
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taylor, 21-yard run. the cardinal win a wild one, 54-48 your final. cal hosting 25th ranked ucla, the game for the bears, must win. maynard connects from five yards out. cal with the lead. after cal recovers a fumble. maynard capitalized, hits keenan allen. eight yards. maynard was man on a mission. watch this throw and catch. 34 yards, 25-30, four td passes and ran for a touchdown. cal pounds ucla, improving to 2-4. >> this sports report brought to you by river iraq casino. more later in the newscast. >> ama: and fans, we want to see your postseason pride. e-mail your fan photos like this one -- that is adorable. send it to web -- web webs or
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facebook. >> the concern over laser pointers and airplanes and why the fbi says the dangerous practice of pointing them at planes has skyrocketed. >> plus, printers go high-tech. the new info vacation make -- i. know vacations making three debris
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>> ama: good evening. in tonight's headlines, a traffic accident in a daly city church parking lot has taken the life of a six-year-old girl. a woman driver stepped on the gas instead of the brakes. the girl's mother and another woman were injured. a candlelight vigil in hercules honored the memory of a woman forward murdered in her home. neighbors found susan ko when her husband notified them she hadn't picked him up at the airport. >> police were arrested after an antipolice, anticapital limp march turned destructive. they slashed tires and smashed
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car windshields. >> park officers are trying to find a man two tried to run one of them down. the officers fired three times at the suspect's car as he drove off. >> concern is growing for a ten-year-old colorado girl missing for almost two days. jessica ridgeway was last seen friday morning walking to school. police believe she has been kidnapped. 400 volunteers turned out today to search for jessica. police say jessica walked to a nearby park every morning to meet a friend and they would walk to school together. yesterday, jessica never showed up. five terrorism suspects appeared in court in new york city just hours after they war extradited to the united states from england. this is video of the suspects' attorneys leaving court this afternoon. here's the latest. >> radical abu hamza al massry stood in front of a federal
11:37 pm
judge, charged with having a terrorist training camp and kidnappings. >> he operated to have attacks carried out against americans. >> in the 1990s, poorts say al-masri turned the mask into a -- mosque into a breeding ground for the shoe bomber and others. >> he was preaching hatred and preaching jihad week in and week out to british muslims. >> al-masri fight extra edition -- extradition to the united states but hours after a british court denied the last of his many appeals he pass packed on to a plane bound for the u.s. awaiting trial with him are two
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other suspects accused of participating in the bombings of two american embassies in africa in 1998. 224 people died in those attacks, including 12 americans. two more men face the judge in knew haven. they reportedly used a connecticut internet service provider to raise cash and recruit and equip terrorist, including members of al qaeda. >> ama: israel scrambled fighter jets to intercept a drone that crossed deep into israeli air space. the aircraft was shot done. the incident was the first time in at least six years hostile aircraft penetrate israel's air space. >> the fbi says the number of laser pointers being pointed at airplanes has reached an epidemic level. the agency says there could be 3500 laser attacks by the end of the year compared to 283 incident inside 2005. laser pointers can cause pilots to become temporarily blind,
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which can create a dangerous situation at takeoff andened landing. there have been at least 20 layers pointing incidents in the bay area this year. >> in less than 24 hours another cargo ship is set to be launched to the international space company. last may, as you see, a similar cargo ship docked with the station. space x is under contract to deliver loads of cargo the station. >> some companies are trying to turn around the world of printing, creating 3-d printers getting closer to be able to be used in our homes. here's this very cool technology. >> see this paper right here? this is traditional printing. we went to a fair where 2-d printing was a thing of the past. >> an object you can download to a computer.
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>> here's getting a lot of attention. >> the thing that people are excited about with the form 1 is the detail. >> the technology allows us to get much higher resolution. >> i'm going to want to use this one. >> definitely going to want to use this one. >> the plumb line uses a different process than most 3-d printers, light instead of heat. and the crowd of printers is still tech. >> reduction transmission. >> but here's a sign that three-door printing may be backing mainstream, ichabod opened up a store devoted to selling these printers. it's a faster model. >> one of the ways we're different is this is our fourth generation machine. >> and printers have been around for decades and being used from everything from printing
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prosthetic lens toe -- lenses to food. nyu used the 3-d printer jooksz that's put these out on the table and created a river in the sand table, and then flooded the river, and that allowed the kids to see how soil works. >> this can only prince plastic and six inches can take hours to print but they can say it spurs innovation. >> go to the jc penney web site and want to download drivers for your printer. >> so, much cooler than this. >> i think so. >> new york. >> ama: still to come at 11:00, we investigate dramatic cuts in the contra costa county chowrt and that they mean for people who have to do business there. >> this guy is truly man's best friend. the lengths he went to, to get closer to his owner, when we
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return. >> leigh: if you have to travel tomorrow, we'll look at the california state travel
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>> ama: corrosion corrosion -- cross, contracost a county is gearing up for cuts. those affected the most are the least who can afford it.
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>> contra costa county superior court announced it will close six courtrooms. this because its -- it's lost millions of dollars in state funding due to california's budget crisis. the court shut downs are mostly in east and west of the county, where the minorities and poorest of the residents live. in richmond, the juvenile law courtroom will close, its cases moved to the main courthouse in martinez in the central part of the county. the same thing will happen in pittsburg when its juvenile and family crooms -- courtrooms go dark. she heads the county bar association. >> the folks with the least amount of income, least access to public transportation, and the least amount of resources of anybody else in the county and yet they're being made to take the brunt of these budget cuts.
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>> lawyer darren kepler's office is in richmond and believes the cuts violate the law. >> when the changes to a court are done in a mapper -- manner where people are deprived of their ability to have justice, it's taking away their constitutional right to access. >> sean hamilton is an unemployed college student who has a child custody case in richmond's juvenile court. like many residents affected by the court cuts, he has no car. hamilton now lives in oakland, which is a fairly quick 30-minute trip by b.a.r.t. but when the court closes here, hamilton will have to take b.a.r.t. from oakland to del mort day, then a bus to martinez. a trip that could cost more and could take an hour and a half or two. >> if i have a 9:00 court appointment, i have to leave at 7:00 or 6:30, at least get up around 6:00, 6:30. >> many people here walk to
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court or have to take local transportation, public transportation, which is relatively easy in the general area, but to go to martinez, it is a fundamentally imfor for many. >> even police are worried about the court closure and whether the longer trip martinez will affect cases involving troubled teens. >> might be more missed court dates, where if the court was here they would be more inclined to go to their court dates. >> the court closures go into effect at the end of the year. except for the family courtroom in purse burg which will close its doors at the end of the month. court fires in martinez never responded to our request for an interview. >> ama: a heart-warming story out of new york that proves a dog is man's best friend. this seven years huskie missed his owner who was hospitalized so slipped out the back door of his home and ran more than two miles to the hospital. a place he had never been
11:48 pm
before. animal experts say it's a moist -- mystery. >> this dog can get out of the yard, and start wandering around and wind up in front of the hospital, it's like one in a million. >> of course, we're buddies. he came to see me. >> the dog had to pass through a stream, cross a highway, and navigate strange streets to get to the hospital. >> let's get to leigh glaser for the last check on the weather. >> leigh: let's take a trip to new york city for tomorrow. travel plans take you there get ready for wet weather, and cool. boston, new york city, down to washington, dc, we have a cold front that will spread showers. atlanta dries out tomorrow. with plenty of sunshine. 68. look out for chicago. 51. a mixture of sun and clouds. denver, 54. if you're traveling around our state, los angeles, statewide, very comfortable temperatures for this time of year. 76 for l.a. tomorrow. fresno, 81.
11:49 pm
tahoe, 62. and sacramento tomorrow, 78. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll have a really nice day tomorrow, so partly sunny conditions, temperatures inland in the 70s. mid-60s around the bay. even low 60s at the coast, and then we'll thicken the clouds monday and tuesday, leading to a slight chance of a few isolated showers and mainly south of san jose, the higher elevations, start to warm things up. >> ama: mike shumann is here, hoping for better news out of at&t park. >> mike: i'm only the naifnlgt ran into a red-hot cincinnati team. and the a's didn't fare much better, verlanderñ/&ñfñ!ñx1q1q
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>> mike: giants hosting the reds. game one of the nlds. matt cain on the hill. giants fans were pumped up and ready to go. jonny cueto started but had back spasms. you can see the frustration on his face walking off the field. almost in tears-but his replacement, sam he lecure, solid, inning and two-thirds, struck out buster posey. reds broke the scoreless tie in the third. tip crisp, gone, off matt cain.
11:53 pm
gets worse for matt. fourth, jay bruce goes deep. cain lead five, five hits, ks, not what we're used to with matt cain. giants finally get on the board. buster posey, see ya. 3-1 reds. to the ninth. posey represents the tying run but chapman, 100-miles-an-hour heat, reds take game one. game two tomorrow at 6:30. >> obviously we didn't expect it, but we faced both those guys and expected to face both of them. it's not like latos wasn't going to pitch later in the series anyway. >> a big game. a real big game, and we got to get back out there and get after it. >> mike: the amazing a's in motown for game one of the alcs and hit a speed bump known at justin verlander.
11:54 pm
capacity crowd at comerica park watching. coke -- cocoa crisp, a hit to the right. but verdict settled down. one of his 11 strikeout victims. to the third. big play two outs, quintin berry, a tapper. parker tries to glove toss it. infante scores from second. tigers lead 2-1. bottom five. parker leaves a fast ball up. avila makes him pay. 3-1 detroit. parker went six innings, three runs, five strikeouts. detroit wins 3-1 and lead the best of five. game two, 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> most good starters you try to get to them before they get into the rhythm. the got better as the game went along. velocity picked up like it typically does. a lot of times your best opportunity is early in the game.
11:55 pm
>> homecoming weekend on the farm. stanford hosting arizona. what a finish. back and forth, third quarter, young, takes a handoff. finds the seam. scoots down the sideline. 55-yard. stanford on top 34-33. arizona now up seven. time to pull away. scott, to miller. ten yard touchdown. stanford trailed 48-34. the cardinal drive down. fourth and eight. nunes finds harris, first down, and then nunes by himself. three td runs on the day. tied. go to o.t. stanford interceptions and seal the deal. a wild one, improving to 4-1, 54-48 your final. >> we needed to show that when we're down, we can come back. we need to show we'll fight to the end. we played 60 minutes -- lad to play 64 minutes today. this it was we train hard for.
11:56 pm
>> mike: cal hosting ucla, the 1-4 bears in a must-win situation. big game for quarterback zach maynard. finds anderson. 10rb 7. after they recovered a fumbled punt, maynard capitalized, getting his brother, kennan allen, eight yards. maynard, a man on the mission. a great catch. 34-yard. may mart, 295 yards, four td passes and ran for one. cal improves to 2-4. >> upset of the day, florida state and nc statement fourth quarter, nc state down. thornton gets into the end zone, woman -- wolf pack down six. then fourth and goal. the extra point, the wolfpack takes the lead. florida state, one last hail mary chance. the prayer was not answered.
11:57 pm
wolf pack pull off the upset, 17-16. your final. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. 49ers tomorrow at the tike. >> ama: thank you, shu. that does it for this edition of abc-7 news. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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